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                                                                               China to Help Europe Develop GPS Rival

  China is to contribute to a new global satellite navigation system being developed by European nations. The Galileo satellite system 51 a more accurate civilian alternative to the Global Positioning System(GPS), operated by the US military. China will provide 230m Euros (USD259m) in 52 and will cooperate with technical, manufacturing and market development. “China will help Galileo to 53 the major world infrastructure for the growing market for location services,” said Loyola de Palacio, EU transport commissioner. A new center that will coordinate co-operation was also announced 54 the European Commission, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology not long 55 The China-Europe Global Navigation Satellite System Technical Training and Cooperation Center will be 56 at Beijing University. China has a substantial satellite launch industry and could potentially help launch the Galileo satellites.

  The US has claimed that Galileo could interfere 57 the US ability to downgrade the GPS service during military conflicts. European officials say this is unfounded and counter that US opposition 58 the commercial challenge Galileo would present to GPS. Galileo will be precise to within a meter, while the civilian GPS service is accurate to around 10 meters.

  The Galileo satellite constellation will 59 27 operational and three reserve satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 23,600km. The satellites will be strung along three medium-Earth orbits at 56 degrees inclination to the equator and will provide global coverage. The system should be operational by 2008 and the entire project is expected to 60 around 3.2 billion Euros (USD3.6 billion).

  The European Commission has said Galileo will primarily be used for transportation technology, scientific research, land management and disaster monitoring.

  Galileo will provide two signals: a standard civilian one and in encrypted, wide-band signal 61 the Public Regulated Service (PRS). This second signal is designed to withstand localized jamming and will be used by police and military services in Europe. European Commission 62 have said China will not be given access to the PRS.

  The first Galileo satellite is scheduled to launch late in 2004. Clocks on board 63 will be synchronized through 20 ground sensors stations, two command centers and 15 uplink stations.

  Receivers on the ground will use time signals from the satellites to precisely calculate their 64 A “search and rescue” function will also 65 distress signals be relayed through the constellation of satellites.

  51  A offer  B offered  C will offer  D has offered

  52  A funding  B providing  C paying  D charging

  53  A build  B use  C become  D do

  54  A in  B at  C on  D by

  55  A before  B ago  C after  D later

  56  A found  B produced  C positioned  D located

  57  A with  B for  C about  D above

  58  A results in  B gives rise to  C is due to  D causes

  59  A be made from  B consist of  C consist in  D be consisted of

  60  A spend  B gain  C give  D cost

  61  A offered  B called  C used  D turned

  62  A officials  B countries  C organization  D agreement

  63  A satellite  B the satellite  C the satellites  D satellites

  64  A speed  B direction  C distance  D location

  65  A send  B let  C allow  D transmit


  51 C该段主要是说,中国将帮助欧洲建立一个全球卫星导航系统。因此,作者整段使用了将来时。

  52 A fund的意思是:to furnish a fund for(为……提供资金)。该句说,中国将提供二亿三千万欧元(二亿五千九百万美元)的资金。C和D在意思上不符合段意。

  53 C A是错误的选项,因为伽利略(人造卫星)本身就是the major world infrastructure for the growing market for location services。B和D与句意不符。

  54 D was also announced是被动语态,其后是动作的执行者the European Commission, the European Space Agency(ESA)和the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology,所以应选择D。

  55 B这个句子的动词was also announced是过去时,句子的意思是说,前不久,欧洲贸易委员会、欧洲航天局和中国科技部宣布成立一个新的中心,来协调合作事宜。因此,B是正确选项。A是错误选项,因为,虽然before也有与ago相同的意思,但是在用法上不一样,before与过去完成时一起使用。

  56 D整个句子的意思是说该中心将设在北京大学内。be located at(或in)是正确搭配。

  57 A interfere with是固定搭配,在这里的意思是:妨碍,干扰。

  58 C这个句子说,美国对伽利略(人造卫星)持反对态度,是由于伽利略(人造卫星)对全嘲定位系统在商业上具有挑战性。选项A、B和D的意思都是“导致”,所以不符合句意。Be due to的意思是“由于”或“由……造成”。

  59 B这个句子告诉我们伽利略人造卫星群由27个运作卫星和3个储备卫星构成。B是“由……构成”的意思。选项A的be made from是“由……材料制造”的意思。选项C的consist in是“在于”或“存在于”的意思。consist of不能使用被动形式,所以选项D也是错误的。

  60 D这个句子告诉读者,整个工程预计花费(cost)约32亿欧元。B和C与句意不符。选项A中的spend的意思是:to pay out(money)(花钱),一般用作及物动词,如:He spent 5 yuan on the book.而cost作为动词的用法一般是:The book costs him 5 yuan.The book costs 5 yuan.动词cost也没有被动态形式。

  61 B wide—band signal called the Public Regulated Service(PRS)叫做公共调控服务系统的宽带信号。called在此是过去分词作后置定语修饰wide—band signal。

  62 A句子的谓语动词have said决定了主语应该是人而不是物。B是单数名词,不能用在这里。

  63 B Clocks on board the satellite:在这架卫星上的钟表。这里的satellite特指前一句中的The first Galile0,所以使用了定冠词the。选项A、C和D的内容文中都没有出现过,所以是错的。

  64 D通篇文章谈的都是定位系统,所以,地面接收借助定位系统来定位,应选location。其他三个选项(speed、direction、distance)都不符合上下文所表达的意思。

  65 B从语法结构来看,只能选择B,因为be relayed前没有动词不定式的形态标记to。











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